Birth of a Sweater

I thought it would be fun to explain my thoughts and inspiration behind my latest design. It is a very simple design because I wanted something sort of mindless to work on, take a break from cables, lace and other forms of intricate design elements.

I got the inspiration for this design at the Night of Knitting on the Rocks at the City Bakery event. Some of you may have read my previous post but to recap, I saw this girl wearing this pretty, basic cardigan and it had gray and white stripes but one stripe was florescent yellow. Very functional and simple but with a fun twist of color.

See picture above. I didn’t want to “copy” her design but I wanted to work with a florescent color. Purl Soho just happened to be selling said colors at their table.

I opted for this color combo, and I mean to tell you- we all love Manos del Uruguay yarn-but this pink is absolutely saturated, I wanted to eat it the whole time I was working with it (yeah, I am weird). It looks like candy and the pictures do not do it justice. I take the yarn home and for weeks I can’t stop thinking about what I will do with it. I wanted to make something that I would throw on anytime- neutral but not your typical neutral. I finally decided that it had to be a raglan (because they are my fav), knit top-down in one piece and I added the arm cuffs and front band/collar later. I also pictured the wooden buttons that I love so much from because they would tone down the wild pink on the front band and bring an element of nature back to the sweater.

Here is a picture of some others working with the florescent colors. I honestly never thought I would go for any of these colors but paired with naturals and neutrals it is gorgeous!! and IN I might add.

I get this far and I am torn on what to do about the front band and collar. I had to stare at it awhile. I finally decided against the shawl collar that I originally wanted to do because I wanted a SIMPLE sweater- remember? I resisted throwing in a cabled front band also.

so I know the suspense is killing you, right? Well here is the finished sweater, I am in LOVE, I really feel I will wear this alot! I am short and petite so I love that it is cropped, I also think this adds a modern feel to an old classic!

I hope I have inspired someone else to use a POP of color that you wouldn’t normally use. It is fun- trust me……..

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One Response to Birth of a Sweater

  1. Stacy says:

    Polly I love it! I can’t wait to see you wear it. Most of all your creativity inspires me 😉 thanks!!

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